IT Strategic Reviews

Quorum Legal have staff with Legal IT Director experience, who have carried out strategic reviews for small, medium and large Firms. The reviews are very much tailored to the client’s size and requirements, but will include the following elements:

Analysis of current position, including:

  • Review of the Firm’s IT Infrastructure, identifying any risks or areas where the business is having issues;
  • Review of the Firm’s IT processes, including helpdesk, project management, backup and recovery;
  • Review of the Firm’s IT Applications;
  • Review of the Firm’s IT Suppliers;
  • Review of the Firm’s IT Organisation.

Identification of future IT vision and strategy

Ensuring the Firm has a clear vision of where it wants to be in future, incorporating elements such as mobility, cloud strategy, business continuity and resourcing.

Development of Service Improvement Plan

Development and delivery of a Service Improvement Plan to take a Firm from their current position to their desired state.