Legal Systems Review and Replacement

It is a time of flux in the Legal industry, and the combination of Firm mergers and changes in the legal software marketplace are leading many Firms to review the systems they are currently using.

Whether you are replacing your Practice Management Systems, or just upgrading to the latest version, Quorum believe that it is important to use this as an opportunity to review the Firms business practices, and build a solution to meet the needs of the Firm over the next 10 years. Simply replacing one practice management system with another one, without changing how you operate, will lead to very little benefit.

Quorum have experience in developing Firms Legal Systems Strategy and using this to help choose and implement new Legal Systems to meet the needs of a modern Firm. Elements of this selection and implementation process will include:

  • Legal systems strategy development;
  • Requirements definition for systems selection;
  • Legal systems tender / selection processes;
  • Design of new business processes;
  • Design of Infrastructure;
  • Systems implementation;
  • Management information and KPIs;
  • Training in new systems and processes.